Software by 5B4AIY for JUMA TRX2, PA100D
Lates update: Nov 19, 2012 / SM0JZT Tilman

The kit design gives a fantastic performer. Building the kits is not at all hard, but not good as a first kit, if you have not had some previous experience from SMD-building. Below you see a couple of pics of the kit built by SM0JZT Tilman.

The original software in the TRX2 is not bad at all. Adrian Ryan 5B4AIY has though spent very many hours to further enhance it. You are strongly suggested to give those versions a good try. The rig is even better that way.

Some of the enhancement hightlights:
> Quick band change
> Over current, voltage and SWR trips
> Enhanced setting options in menu
> Display enhancements
> Modern Kenwood CAT format (emulates TS-480) support
> Tune output power level adjustment
> S-meter display enhancements

Below you find programming information, documentation and firmware files.

Programming is done in minutes and is performed on the TRX2 and PA100D trough the serial (RS232) interface given at the "AUX-interface" on the back of your rig.

Here the cable pinout you need.

Download the Ingenia programming tools/instructions here. Also have a good look at the further description given in the official JUMA homepage.

Rather then using the offical firmware you can pick the alternatives given by Adrian.
Firmware by Adrian Ryan 5B4AIY:

Hex-file Release notes Operators manual Comments
1.08a Rel. note from Adrian
Additional f 12 Nov
Manual 1.08a Released - Build 10, Nov 12, 2012 <=== NEW
1.07t Rel. note from Adrian Manual 1.07t Released - Nov 26 2011
1.07s Rel. note from Adrian Manual 1.07s Released - Nov 22

If you have a problem with the firmwares above, or just want to revert to the orginal, just download it (save with right mouse button) from here and install with above ingenia tool.

Also for the JUMA PA100D 100W power Amp Adrian Ryan 5B4AIY has done a great job with FW enhancements.

Hex-file Release notes Operators manual Comments
1.05h Rel. notes from Adrian Manual 1.05h Released - Nov 12, 2012
1.05d Rel. notes from Adrian Manual 1.05d Released - Nov 12, 2011

JUMA PA100D Command and Query protocol document by OH2NLT Juha

Some pictures of the JUMA TRX2 , built by SM0JZT Tilman

Here is the great JUMA TRX-2 rig.
If you need further information about all the details of the kit. I strongly suggest you to look into the official homepage.

Here the main board of the JUMA TRX2. All SMD:s of the size 0605. Not to bad to work with. Lots of space in between. But defenitly not your first SMD-building project.